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  • Mean Guardess Natasha

    Natasha decides to milk her bound slave, she teases his cock and really works him up. She works him up so much in fact that when he cums he pumps out his cum and it goes into Natashas eye. This is when you will see Natasha get really angry, just look at the slave he knows that he is in trouble.

  • My Jerk slave

    Come closer you little worm as we are going to have some fun. I am feeling really horny and my pussy is getting wet. I want you to masturbate with me and imagine your fingers going deep inside my pussy, can you feel the wetness. Keep stroking your dick for me as I watch you and masturbate myself. I...

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Mistress Di makes you kiss her feet

    Wanker Boy

    Amy turns you into her own private little wanker boy. You know that you will have to obey her...

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Mistress Di makes you kiss her feet

    Cum & Cum Again

    First I lure you into a false quick masturbation lesson saying that I don't have much time. But...